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Jan 3, 2021
Towards Helix 1.0 A wish list of things I want to do before calling helix done
May 27, 2020
Hooks & Atoms Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the differences in the way data flows using ClojureScript’s Reagent library and using React with React Hooks.
Nov 3, 2019
Modern React in ClojureScript: Error Boundaries A quick tip on how to use React “Error Boundaries” to better your developer workflow and build robust applications.
Mar 26, 2019
When Is Immutability Fast? In years far gone, immutability was a term that was thrown around a lot when talking about optimizing React applications. Here's why.
Jan 25, 2019
Algebraic Effects(-ish Things) in Clojure Algebraic effects are a way of executing an operation in code that lets the surrounding context define how it should be performed. Let's imagine how that could work in Clojure.
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